Chattanooga Gleim CMA Review Course

Small Sacrifices Lead to Big Benefits

Melissa Leonard
CMA Product Manager/Chapter Coordinator

You want to succeed on the CMA Exam, and you want to do it as quickly as possible. Exam candidates should remember that the exam is challenging and sometimes you have to make sacrifices to accomplish your goal. In the moment, those sacrifices might seem huge, but when you put things into perspective, they are actually rather small compared to the rewards of having the CMA designation. Here are some suggestions you can employ during your CMA Exam preparation to guarantee success.

Forgo your favorite music or talk show during your commute to work and listen to audio lectures instead. This small change will save you hours of other study time and will reinforce information as you learn. Other times you can listen to the audios when you are doing your household chores or working out.

Rise and shine can take on a whole new meaning. Many people are most productive early in the morning when they are rested. You may not be a morning person so you may have to give up a late night show and get to bed earlier. Experiment with waking up early and studying for an hour or two in the morning. Studies have shown that students cover more material in less time when the mind is clearer and there are fewer disturbances. They are able to internalize information that is more accessible for recall.

During your lunch break, reserve 15 to 30 minutes of quality study time instead of reading your favorite book or going out with your co-workers. Gleim candidates use the Gleim Online course or Test Prep to practice answering multiple-choice  and essay questions. This is a small sacrifice, so if you find yourself wishing you were outside during that hour, take your review book or laptop and study outdoors.

To really show your dedication, learn to say "no." This may be a hard one, but when you have extra hours on the weekend to study, you may find yourself easily distracted by loved ones and friends inviting you out. If you explain to them that you really need to study for this exam, I can guarantee they will understand and actually support you in your decision. It may seem like a big sacrifice at the time because you may have to miss out on an evening out, but imagine how you will feel when you can share with them your excitement of passing the exam and reap the benefits that being a CMA brings.

Gleim, the experts in CMA review, are ready to assist you in preparing for your exam. As a Chattanooga Chapter member, you receive significant discounts on the Gleim CMA Review materials and Gleim CPE. Contact Melissa Leonard at 800.874.5346 ext. 131 or to take advantage of the offer or if you have any questions.

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Rigos CMA Review
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ExamMatrix™ CMA Review
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Boston University's Online CMA Exam Preparation
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Tutorial Group CMA Review
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CMA/CPA School of Washington
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